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    Product design

Triple Link has the skills and experience to design your new product.  From the earliest concept phase through detail design and engineering to prototyping, tooling and production, Triple Link will help you reach your goals.

Pump for Medical Air Mattress

Triple Link recently completed the physical design and engineering for the innovative Cloud Cair air pump.

With a styling brief to produce a pump for the smart phone era, a clean design was required while still ensuring ease of manufacture.  The resulting product has been very well received.

Designed to be manufactured in the UK, cost effective assembly was paramount.  To achieve this, components provide multiple functionality and self-locate wherever possible leading to an 80% reduction in the use of screws.

Laboratory Automation

S Lab System fitted to Laboratory machine

Peak Analysis and Automation had a unique concept for a laboratory microplate handler.  The modular system simply automates the loading of laboratory machines used in a variety of processes.

Triple Link produced the detail design of the injection moulded modular components.  Particular attention was paid to maintaining accurate positional control between components that can be fitted and removed by the end user.

We then assisted with the selection of appropriate manufacturing partners for the mouldings and liased during tool production and part manufacture.

Triple Link also worked closely with PAA on the detail design and engineering of the vertical and rotational mechanisms.

To integrate the system with a variety of laboratory machines a unique connection system was conceived and developed allowing accurate positioning of the components.