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Finite Element Analysis

We started using this analysis technique in the early 1990’s to help in the design of connectors for Hard Disc Drives.

Our FEA skills are now available to aid customers with their designs both during initial design or troubleshooting existing products.  We find our engineering understanding is particularly useful to customers when interpreting the analysis results to arrive at a useful solution.

We now regularly use FEA during product design.

Our main FEA software uses the Nastran solver but we also use ANSYS and have used Strand in the past.

Claw Clamp

We recently assisted Ashe Safety Ltd with their development of the novel Claw Clamp, a revolutionary product for clamping the temporary fencing used on building sites and festivals.
We used FEA to analyse strength and refine the design, our experience with injection moulded polymer parts and assemblies and our engineering knowledge ensured speedy optimisation of form and function.

Claw Clamp website

Claw Clamp fitted to fence
Top view of Claw Clamp

Example Analysis plots