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Recently we have undertaken a variety of reverse engineering tasks such as reproducing obsolete components.
Simple forms may be measurable by hand but when the form is more complex or curved 3D scanning enables us to capture the detail.
So, we have invested in a 3D scanner enabling us to provide an enhanced in-house service which is speedy and cost effective.

Uses of 3D Scanning

As much of our work is confidential we cannot show much here. Typical projects for scanning include the creation of models of historic parts, where the tooling has been lost, so they can be re-tooled.
We have also used 3D scanning as part of detailed engineering analyses of component fits for multinational customers.


Below is an example of a simple clamp where scanning was used to confirm radii.

Un-edited scan

From a combination of the scan and measurements a 3D cad model was the created: –

Clamp Model