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Recently we have seen an increased demand from clients keen to use the latest production processes for prototype and production parts.  These processes require accurate 3D cad models to facilitate programming the CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines now in use.

3D CAD for Mould Tools

The most common request is from clients who want to injection mould plastic components.

This requires not just skills in interpreting designs into 3D but an understanding of the injection moulding process and what is achievable by toolmakers and moulders

A typical project may start with us receiving a sketch or 2D drawing of the customer’s design.

With a wealth of in-house experience and expertise Triple Link quickly turns these into 3D cad models suitable for modern manufacture.
Triple Link’s long experience with designing parts for injection moulding and machining ensure this process is as smooth and speedy as possible.

3D CAD for 3D printing

This includes the 3D printing of plastics or metals.

Triple Link is familiar with a wide range of these process which can be cost effective for both prototypes and production, for example;

Presentation Packaging

This presentation packaging was based on a simple sketch supplied by the customer which was quickly turned into a 3D cad model for 3D printing.

3D CAD for other uses

We have also undertaken 3D cad work for components that require a CNC process.

This can include direct machining of plastics or metals for both prototypes and production.

Whatever the final process we can convert drawings or sketches into 3D while giving advice on engineering issues such as fits and finishes.